Desktops, Towers and All-in-1 PC's

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Desktop in different form factors. Whether you looking for a Point-of-Sale PC or a GAMING Desktop or just a PC for...



  • Desktops Small Footprint (SFF)

    Is space an Issue? SFF or Small Form Factor PC's may be the way to go. Generally used in POS, Point of Sale Environments

  • Desktops Mini Towers

    Mini Towers are generally more upgradeable PC's. Either used for Gaming or Office Environments. Generally installed at foot of a desk.

  • All-In-1 PC's

    All-in-1 PC - for that Snazzy smart look in your reception. Ideal for LArge Spreadsheets or POS environments in certain markets. Available in Touch or non-Touch types.

  • PC Accessories

    PC Accessories

  • Thin Clients

    Thin Clients are Basic Terminals that connect to a server (where applications generally run on the server these terminals are updated with input output)

  • Mini-Stick PC
  • Graphics Workstations

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Products by page